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What Does the Copyright on the PDF Footer Cover?


There are two separate Copyright statements found within PolicyStat and each protects something different. 

Online Footer

When viewing a policy online through the PolicyStat product, you may notice a Copyright in the footer the page noting Copyright PolicyStat, LLC. 


This copyright describes the legal protection of our (PolicyStat) product, design, layout, and functionality. This in no way impacts or applies to your policies, procedures, or other documentation. That content is owned by your facility. 

PDF Footer

If you generate a printer-friendly PDF backup (Single | Bulk) the footer of each page will note the copyright as applying to your local facility.


The PDF copyright refers ownership of the policy content to the facility, as opposed to the individual listed on the policy as the owner. The owner of the content retains copyright rights. We (PolicyStat) did not create the content and claim no ownership of the content. It is all yours (or more specifically, your facility's). The copyright references the content owner on the PDF because the content no longer resides on the proprietary PolicyStat site.

For more on this, we recommend reviewing the US Copyright Office's FAQ website located here:

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