How do I Provide Guest Access to Search Results?


Sharing policies with others who do not have access to PolicyStat can be beneficial. Links can be placed on intranet pages or desktop shortcuts.

Sharing or linking to the main policy hyperlink stored in the browser's address bar requires a PolicyStat account to access. Site Administrators can instead generate a Guest Access Link to allow views of a policy or search results without the need for users to have an account.

Guest Access to Search Results

Site Administrators may need to share filtered search results from our Title, Owner, Area, or Reference Tag searches with others via Guest Access link.  

To do so, users with Site Administrator level access can:

  1. Complete a filtered search to display the desired results.
  2. Click the link icon next to the header.

  3. The guest access link is copied to your computer's clipboard and can be pasted anywhere it is desired (e.g. - Intranet sites, Word documents, etc.). 


This article applies to the following user roles:


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