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Removing the COPY Watermark for Printer Friendly


The COPY watermark is present on all document PDFs by default.



Removing the Watermark (Draft Version)

  1. Open a draft version of a policy*. 
  2. From the Properties tab, locate and click the Advanced Properties menu
  3. Select the toggle to hide the watermark for that document.
    regardless of the permissions level of the user generating the PDF. You can set this to Yes and the COPY watermark will not display on the PDF version.

*Removing the watermark via a draft requires elevated Edit permissions. Roles include Owners, Approvers, Area Editors, Area Managers, and Site Administrators.

Removing the Watermark Site Administrator (Individual Policies)

When Site Administrators are viewing a Pending or Active version of a policy, they can print 

  1. Click Printer Friendly in the blue toolbar to Generate a Printer Friendly PDF.

  2. A pop-up menu will ask you if you would like to include (1) or remove (2) the watermark from the PDF.


Removing the Watermark Site Administrator (Individual Policies)

When generating PDF backups, Site Administrators can also hide the watermark on the PDFs being generated. 



This article applies to the following user roles:
owner.png approver.png aeditor.png amanager.png


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