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Improvements to Collaboration and Commenting


Based on user feedback from UserVoice, it’s now easier to get to the right version of a policy during collaboration - with all comments visible to all collaborators.


New Feature: Smarter Linking to the Right Version

When collaborators receive a notification of a comment made to a policy, the policy link in their notification will direct them to the appropriate corresponding version where the comment was made. For example, notification links to comments on a pending policy direct to the pending view page, and also links to comments on drafts link to draft view pages.

How It Works - Notification Links

Lindsay comments on a Pending view page suggesting a possible change to the content. As an Approver, Joe is a notified of Lindsay’s comment (both via email and via the notifications page in PolicyStat). When he clicks the link in the notification, he is taken to the pending view page of the policy where he can review the suggested edit in context, or comment back to Lindsay.



New Feature: Better Access to the Most Current Version

When reviewing active or pending versions of a policy, collaborators will be notified via a banner at the top of the policy that an or draft version exists. With a click of the notification button, collaborators will be taken to the appropriate version.

How It Works - Draft Version

Ben is an Approver and opens the active version of his facility’s policy on hand washing. While the active version remains visible for most users, Adam is working on a draft of the hand washing policy to clarify the preferred type of soap. Adam’s edits will not appear on the active version that Ben is reviewing. Ben will be advised about Adam’s draft version via the banner at top of the policy, even if the Approval Workflow has not been started. Ben can view the draft by clicking the button in the banner(shown below):


How It Works - Pending Version

Sarah is also an Approver. She opens the active view page of the hand washing policy. A notification banner at the top of the policy advises her that an pending version exists. Sarah can then access the pending version of the policy by clicking the button in the banner (shown below).




New Feature: Improved Commenting Visibility

Comments left by collaborators are now visible across all relevant versions and views of a policy. Collaborators who do not have editing permissions cannot access the editor, but will still be able to access a draft view page of a policy without the need to start the Workflow.  

How It Works - Comment Visibility

Bob is editing a policy, but wants to solicit feedback from Tamara regarding her thoughts on changes to the draft. Tamara is a collaborator, but does not have permission to modify the content. When Bob adds a comment on his edit view page, Tamara receives a notification of Bob’s comment. She can then view Bob’s changes through a draft view page without the need for Bob to start the Workflow. Tamara can review Bob’s changes and comment back. Tamara’s comments will appear on Bob’s edit view page and remain in the policy’s history even after it completes the Approval Workflow process.

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