Generate (or Replace) a Site-Wide Read-Only Access Link


Site Administrators have the ability to generate and distribute a site-wide Read-Only Access link that grants read-only access to all active, non-restricted PolicyStat content to Staff or anyone who would need access to your PolicyStat site without the need to log-in

To view restricted policies; approve, create, or edit documents; or administer the site, users will need to log in.

To generate a Read-Only Policy Sharing link that provides access to the content of one policy only, see this article.

PLEASE NOTE: If your site requires Users to log-in to access PolicyStat, this link is not necessary.

Generate (or Replace) a Site-Wide Read-Only Access link 

  1. Click the Admin tab
  2. Click Read Only Access Link found under the Configuration section.

  3. Copy the URL displayed under the Current Read-Only Access Link by clicking the link icon. 

  4. Paste the URL in a desired location where Staff from where Staff can locate the link and access PolicyStat. Typically this may be a local Intranet page or similar location.


Rotating the Current Read-Only Access Link

It's a good idea to create a new link at regular intervals for security purposes. To determine how frequently to do this, please consult your security team.

The current Read-Only Access Link and the previous Read-Only Access Link are the only two links that grant this access. Any earlier versions of the link will no longer grant access.

Clicking the red button at the bottom of the page will revoke the previous Read-Only Access Link and generate a new Read-Only Access Link. Wherever you are using the current link, you will need to update it to the newly-generated link.


This article applies to the following user roles:


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