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PolicyStat Enhanced Editor Rollout Update


Over the past six months, we’ve been working with select customers to implement a substantial enhancement to our document editor. Early adopters have overwhelmingly provided positive feedback that this enhanced editor reduces frustration when editing documents and generally makes PolicyStat easier to use.

Am I Already Using the Enhanced Editor?

Many of us are already using the enhanced editor. If your editor toolbar looks like the following image, then you already have it and can probably skim the rest of this message:

Learning Center Resources

Thanks to the help of over 100 early access customers, we’ve smoothed the journey to the enhanced editor. Our Learning Center team has revamped training and documentation to fully incorporate the enhanced editor, including a side-by-side comparison to help guide your transition. You can see the full collection of helpful resources available in the PolicyStat Learning Center:  Enhanced Editor Learning Center Resources

Benefits of the Enhanced Editor

In addition to being generally more intuitive for users familiar with Microsoft Word, the Enhanced Editor also brings many new long-requested features and fixes:

  • Word-like list editing: Creating and modifying ordered and unordered lists now behaves like MS Word.
  • Table resizing: Table size can be controlled via a drag-and-drop control.
  • Deep links: You can create links directly to specific sections of a document.
  • Automatic hyperlinking: Hyperlinks are automatically created when URLs are pasted into your document.
  • Page break control: Create manual page breaks for printing
  • Complex table support: Easily add, remove, and merge cells/rows/columns from a table
  • And many more like find/replace, better formatting after copy/paste, and precision highlighting…

What to Expect

We’re now confident that the Enhanced Editor is ready to improve the PolicyStat experience for more of our customers, and we will be rolling it out to all customers gradually over the next month beginning on Monday, August 22nd and targeted for completion in September.   

When the enhanced editor is rolled out to your network* or facility, you’ll notice the new toolbar. You’ll also notice that the “tutorials” link will now take you to learning resources focused on the enhanced editor.

* If you’re in a network of connected PolicyStat sites, all sites will receive the enhanced editor simultaneously.

More Time For Your Rollout

We’ve already been in contact with many of our customers about this rollout, and some have implemented specific training plans and timing to which we’re coordinating their rollout. If you’d prefer to plan for your enhanced editor rollout on a specific date, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be very happy to help. If you contact us and do not advise otherwise, we will plan your delayed rollout for Friday, September 30, the sunset date for the Legacy Editor.

If your site is part of a larger network, the rollout might have already been coordinated at a higher level, and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with the people at your organization doing that planning.

Thank You for Your Feedback

The continued feedback from you and other PolicyStat users is what drove this enhancement, and we’re so grateful for the time and energy you’ve spent helping to guide the product in the direction you want to see. We’ve consistently heard that our editing experience is the place where we have the most room for improvement, and I very much appreciate the patience you’ve shown as we work towards a better experience.

Based on your feedback, we have lots of additional enhancements planned for the PolicyStat editing experience, from those that squash annoyances to features that will make your policies more capable of improving organizational quality. As always, we want to hear from you.

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