The Outdated Workflow feature allows Site Administrators to make modifications to Workflows that have policies currently in the Approval process without requiring Approvers who have already approved to approve again. 

Keep in mind: Updating your approval workflow may not automatically update the in-process workflow.


How to Update an Outdated Approval Workflow 

Step 1: Edit an Outdated Workflow

First, make modifications to an existing Approval Workflow. To review that process, please see this article. If the modified Workflow contained policies that are actively using the Outdated Approval process, PolicyStat will analyzes the current approval's progress to help get the processes in sync with as minimal of effort as possible. 

Step 2: Automatic Switching (When Possible)

If it is possible to automatically switch any of them without slowing down the approval cycle, especially if doing so leaves the policy just as close (or closer) to final approval.

PolicyStat estimates whether switching will slow down the approval cycle by counting the number of individual Approvers that would be remaining in either case.

If the number of remaining approvals would be the same or lower after the switch, the switch is automatically made.

What about Approvers who already approved?

If Approvers have already approved, PolicyStat works to ensure they will not have to re-approve this version again. If the requirements for the new workflow can be met with existing approvals, they won't need to approve again.


Step 3a: Review Remaining Workflows

In-progress approvals that aren't able to automatically switch are displayed on Outdated Workflows page. Site Administrators can review each pending policy and decide which Approval Workflows should be switched to reflect the modifications and which should be left alone.


Step 3b: Review Later

Policies still using the Outdated Workflow can be revisited later by clicking the Outdated Workflows link found on the main Approval Workflows page.


This article applies to the following user roles:


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