Some policies require images to display charts, diagrams, procedures, and other graphics. Images can first be added as attachments to the policy, then inserted at the desired location within the content. Alternatively, if an image is already available online (e.g. - has a web address where it can be viewed over the Internet), it can be inserted within the content.

Building a policy on PolicyStat is creating a basic web page. For graphics to appear on a web page, they first need to be stored on an Internet server, just as is true for a PDF, spreadsheet, form, or any other attachment.

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Image File Requirements

PolicyStat supports uploading images using the .png, .gif, and .jpg formats.

Upload and Insert An Image

  • To upload an attachment to a policy, click the Edit link in the bar on the top right of the policy.

  • Locate the Attachments area on the Policy Content tab. Begin by either adding an Attachment Title (1) or Browse (2) to locate the image file for attachment. When ready to upload, click Upload attachment (3). 


  • Once the file is uploaded and attached, place the cursor where the image should be placed. 

  • Click the Insert Image button next to the attachment name.

  • The image is now a part of the policy.


Insert an Online Image

  1. If an image is available online (e.g. - has a web address where it can be viewed over the Internet), copy the URL (web address).

  2. Click the Image button in the editor toolbar.

  3. In the pop up window, paste the URL inside the corresponding box (1). Click OK (2) to complete the process and paste the image.

  4. Review the pasted image.
  5. Make adjustments to the image's properties by highlighting the image (click to select it) then click the Image button in the toolbar to bring up the Image Properties window. 


This article applies to the following user roles:

owner.png approver.png aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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