Can I Edit or Remove Hyperlinks?


Hyperlinks, URLs, and file paths may be need updates, modifications, or to be outright removed over time.

Editing a hyperlink works much like creating a new hyperlink. Removing a hyperlink is even easier.

View the tutorial below to see just how easy it is.

Edit and/or Remove Hyperlinks (00:54)



Edit Hyperlinks

  1. Place the cursor anywhere inside of the hyperlinked text.

  2. Click the Link button from the Editor toolbar. A pop up window will open.

  3.  Modify the URL or any other properties as needed. Click OK when done.

  4. Click the Preview button on the draft screen.

  5. In the Preview window, click the hyperlink to verify the correct site opens or the correct file opens.


Remove Hyperlinks

  1. Place the cursor inside the hyperlinked text or image(s).
  2. Click the Unlink button from the Editor toolbar.


This article applies to the following user roles:

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