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Upcoming Enhancement - No More Outdated Workflows


Based on customer feedback, we're excited to announcement an enhancement for managing Approval Workflows.

The Problem

Getting approval workflows right is always a challenge. When you edit an existing workflow, what are you supposed to do about the dozens of documents currently in approval? Those documents are still using the outdated version and you have two unattractive options.

  1. You can restart those approval processes, one-by-one, probably requiring people early in the workflow to approve the exact same document again. This not only adds work and confusion for the approvers, but it will almost certainly delay the revision. If one of the early approval steps is a committee that only meets quarterly, this delay could push you past the review date, possibly out of compliance.
  2. You can do nothing and leave these outdated workflows as they are, but that comes with negative consequences. If your edit removed someone from the workflow, their approval will still be required. If your edit added someone to the workflow for regulatory reasons, that means they wouldn't get a notification to approve, which means you're probably forced into option 1.

The Solution

PolicyStat's "Outdated Workflows" enhancement solves this problem. As soon as you edit an approval workflow, we'll now automatically synchronize all of the in-progress approvals with your changes.

No more requiring approvers to duplicate their effort.

No more restarting approvals, one by one.

If there are any documents that might be slowed down by the workflow changes, you'll have the option to choose based on your specific needs.

How do I use it?

This enhancement will automatically trigger any time you Edit an approval workflow. For workflows that you've already modified, you can access it using the "Outdated Workflows" button. (Highlighted in blue above)

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