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If a list of items is manually typed out in the PolicyStat Editor or imported from Word without proper list markings, each list item creates it's own paragraph box. These lists are considered a “fake” lists. They not only reflect improper formatting, but will also not function as a list within PolicyStat.

If the sequence changes at any point, a "fake" list would need to be updated manually. For example, if a new item 2 is added, this would mean manually updating items 3, 4, 5, etc. to reflect the proper sequence of list items.

To reflect proper formatting and for the list to function as a list in PolicyStat, lists will need to be corrected.

The following tutorial explains how to correct "fake" lists.

Correcting "Fake" Lists (01:31)


Correcting "Fake" Lists

  1. Highlight to select all text to be made into a list.

  2. Click the Numbered List button from the toolbar.

  3. Clear out previous numbering options if desired.


Correcting "Fake" Lists With Multiple Levels

Some broken lists should have multiple levels, such as this one here. The "a, b, c" lists should be indented from the "1, 2, 3" list. Correcting fake lists with multiple levels is a lot like correcting fake lists with one level, with a few additional steps. 

  1. Highlight to select all text to be made into a list, no matter what level of the list they should be on. If you want all of the items to be in one list, you will have to highlight them together. 

  2.  Click the numbered lists button from the toolbar. 
  3. Highlight all items that should be indented into a sub-list. 
  4. Click the increase indent button in the toolbar. 
  5. Repeat until all sub-lists are indented (use the "Style" drop-down to change the list style if necessary). 
  6. Clear out previous numbering options if desired.


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