Numbered Lists represent a sequence of items (e.g. - A, B, C or 1, 2, 3).

Numbered Lists may also be referred to as ordered lists (in place of bulleted lists or unordered lists.)

The interactive tutorial below describes how to create and modify numbered lists in the PolicyStat Editor.

Be cautious to avoid creating or using "fake" lists which are created manually, and do not use the numbered list function. For more on "fake" lists, see this article.

Numbered Lists (01:46)


Creating an Numbered List

  1. Within the PolicyStat Editor, start by establishing a new paragraph box. Place the cursor at the end of the content directly above where the list will be inserted and press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Click the Ordered List button from the Editor toolbar.

  3. The paragraph box will become part of a list.
  4. Add additional list items to the list by pressing Enter on your keyboard.

  5. To break out of the list, press Enter on your keyboard twice.
    This first Enter creates a new list item...

    the second breaks out of the list to generate a new paragraph box

Indent a list item:

Place the cursor at the end of the list item and click the Indent button from the Editor toolbar (or the Tab key on your keyboard).

Outdent a list item:

Place the cursor at the end of the list item and click the Outdent button from the Editor toolbar (or the Shift and Tab keys on your keyboard).

Modifying an Ordered List

While the default ordered list uses A, B, C, etc. there are five additional options for list styles found in the Style drop-down list inside the editor toolbar.

To switch between list styles, simply select another style from the drop-down list.


This article applies to the following user roles:

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