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HelpGuide Menu - An In-Product Guide


What is a HelpGuide?

At first, HelpGuide is the tab floating along the right side of the page. However, it's much more than just a tab.

Clicking the tab opens our powerful HelpGuide menu.

From the HelpGuide menu, users can:

  1. Search to locate WalkThrus, Knowledge Base articles, external resources, and more
  2. Click to launch an HelpGuide element 
  3. Browse available topics (NOTE: The list varies based on the current page and role)
  4. Contact our support...

and much more!

Site Administrators Only

During the onboarding process, Site Administrators can make use of the Task List to guide them through the Implementation Dashboard. This walkthru outlines the sequence of steps and actions required to upload documents to PolicyStat for conversion.

To access the task list, click the Tasks tab (1) near the top of the menu. The progress bar (2) displays your progress towards completing the tasks. As tasks complete (3) they will be crossed out and remaining tasks (4) are listed below.


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