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New Feature - Editor Enhancements


Update: The Enhanced Editor here. See the PolicyStat Enhanced Editor Update announcement for the latest details.

PolicyStat's Editor is getting a new look and a lot of improvements! This product is rolling out over the next few months, so please contact [email protected] to try it out early and help provide us feedback. 

Here are just a few of the best enhancements with enhanced editor interface.

Clean, Consistent, Automatic Copy/Paste from Word

You can now paste in tables, lists and complex text without fear, knowing they'll be cleaned up to look like they would if you had recreated them manually in the editor. There is no longer a need to use the Paste from Word interface or the Export/Import process.

No More Popup Windows!

The new, improved dialog boxes mean no more annoying popup windows or fiddling with popup blockers.

Word-like List Editing

Users familiar with the way MS Word handles list manipulation (including joining lists, splitting lists, and indentation) will now feel right at home. The "delete" key is now your friend, just like in Word.

In-editor Find/Replace

You can now use the included find/replace functionality to quickly update content across your entire document.

"Deep" Links to Specific Places in your Documents

Using the "Anchor" tool, you can now link to a specific section of your document. You can use this to link directly to a specific heading in a long document, or to a specific definition in a long list of definitions.

Complex Table Editing

There are no longer limitations on which cells you can split or merge in a table. With the new right-click menu, you can create any complex table layout you desire.

Highlights Now are Applied to Selection

You can now select text for highlighting, instead of highlighting an entire text block at once.


For a side by side comparison of the legacy Editor vs. the enhanced, see this handout.

For an overview of the enhanced Editor interface, see this handout.

To sign up to try out the Editor enhancements on your training site, please contact [email protected]


We will be hosting an Editor Enhancement Overview webinar May 26th. To register, click here.


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