PolicyStat's Product Development team uses a tool called UserVoice to gather feedback and input from our clients on desired product improvements they would like to see.

Accessing UserVoice

  1. Click the Admin tab to view the Administrator Menu.


  2. Click the Share Your Feedback link in the top of the blue bar.

  3. Through your PolicyStat login, you will be automatically logged in to the PolicyStat's UserVoice page.

    PLEASE NOTE: To view or vote on any UserVoice items, you must first follow steps 1-3 to log in to UserVoice. This will not work if you are logged in to PolicyStat only. You must click the Share Your Feedback link to login.

    In addition, we recommend adding UserVoice to your list of trusted sites within your browser. Some clients have experienced challenges related to being logged out of Uservoice when attempting to click links within the site, especially with Internet Explorer. 

Locate an Idea

Use the Feedback Forums categories, review recently updated ideas, or the Search box to find ideas from other users. If you find an idea that can benefit the PolicyStat experience, vote for it. Turning UserVoice ideas into new features or improvements is all about getting votes.


Voting and Commenting


1) To vote for an idea, click the Vote button.

2) To comment and suggest additional revisions to the idea, add a comment.


This article applies to the following user roles:


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