One key responsibility of Site Administrators who manage multiple PolicyStat sites is to ensure the correct location of user accounts. 

A user account will always reside on one site or "Home Site" within the system.  If their location changes, their account can be relocated to another PolicyStat site.

NOTE: To transfer user accounts, Administrative permissions are required on both the original site and the site for relocation. For example, to transfer an account from Site A to Site B, the Site Admin will need Administrative permissions on both Site A and Site B. 

Relocating User Accounts

  • Click the Admin tab to view the Administrator Menu
  • Locate User from the Site Data list.

  • For the selected user, click the Edit link at the end of the table.

  • Click the Relocate option in the blue option bar on the upper right. 

  • Select a new site to move the account to using the drop down menu (1) and click the Move User button (2) to complete the move.



This article applies to the following user roles:


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