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New Feature - Policy Suggestions as You Search


Locating the right document at the right time is at the heart of the experience for the majority of our users. Even with the right keyword, sometimes the standard search results might return too many results or miss the mark on your desired output.

To help produce the right document faster, PolicyStat proudly introduces Document Suggestions as You Search. As you type and define your search term, PolicyStat's search engine will provide a list of the five matching documents which contain the terms in both the content and the title. Results with the term in the title will be ranked higher.

In addition, we are rolling out even more improvements to the search feature!

Smart Phrasing (1-3)

The suggestion feature has the ability to recognize minor spelling errors and adjust accordingly. For example, the search term “medivc” (1) still returns results for “medical” (2)  and “medicine” (3) by predicting “medic” to be the desired root search terms. PolicyStat’s search engine displays where in the content the terms appear.

Search Results Display Department (4)

Documents listed in the search results also identify the corresponding Policy Area for each document to help ensure the search results provided more closely match the desired outcome.

Don’t See the Results You Want? (5-6)

Click the search area at the bottom of the results (6) or the Search Policies button (7).  

How do I Get This Feature for my site?

We are currently rolling this feature out to client sites. If you would like to get an early look and the chance to provide feedback about your experiences, please contact [email protected] to sign up.

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