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A policy may require an email contact be included. PolicyStat makes the process of including an email link extremely simple, just like creating any other link. 

To review this simple process, check out the interactive tutorial below.

Generate Email Links (00:57)

NOTE: Viewing the tutorial requires Adobe Flash Player. For assistance, please contact your IT department.


Generate Email Links

  1. Select and highlight the text to be made into an email link.

  2. Click the Link button from the PolicyStat Editor toolbar.

  3. Within the pop-up window:

    - Use the drop-down list (1) to select the E-mail link type.
    - Enter the desired email address (2).
    - If desired, add a default message subject line (3) and message content (4).
    - When complete, click OK (5).

  4. The linked text will appear blue and underlined.

  5. Verify the link works. Scroll to the bottom of the draft and click Preview button.

  6. In the Preview window, click the link.

  7. This should open a new email to the email address listed above, using your default email application (e.g. - Outlook, Gmail, etc.)

    If the link worked, you are all done!

    If not, revisit the draft and review the steps above.


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