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Suggestions As You Search Updates


We have officially rolled out our Suggestions as You Search feature to all customer PolicyStat sites, and we hope you are enjoying the benefits to locate the right documents even faster.

We are continuing to improve the search experience and would like to keep you informed about what's new and what's on the horizon for improving the search experience. 

What's New Now

Area Distinction

Corresponding =Areas for the documents have been previously noted in the search results, but we've now made them pop even more. The corresponding Area appears in a grey pill format with a folder icon.  

Search by PolicyStat ID Number

If you know the specific PolicyStat ID number for a document, you can now also search and locate a policy by that number.

What's Upcoming

These new features will be rolling out to users on a by-request basis. If you'd like an early look at these new features, please contact [email protected]

More-intuitive Navigation for Filtering a Search

We want filtering by a specific area to be intuitive for all PolicyStat users, including new or infrequent users. After analyzing feedback from staff users and extensive usability testing, we discovered that ~20% of brand new users don't realize they can use the tabs to filter their search results.

In addition to the tabs, there is now a "Filters" dropdown adjacent to the "Search" button. This ultimately takes the user to the same location as the corresponding tab, but this second option is more intuitive for some users.


Highlighted Search Results

You've found the right document to match your search results, but where can the terms be found within the document? The new highlighting feature provides the option to apply a highlight identifying where in the document's content your search term appears. 


To help us test any of these What's Upcoming features on your training/sandbox site or to provide us feedback and suggestions, please contact [email protected].


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