So you've marked your approval on a policy as part of an Approval Workflow. What happens to the policy?

The next steps vary based on your location in the Workflow. 

Final Approver

If you are the final (or sole) Approver in the Workflow, the policy status becomes active following your approval. This means the policy is searchable and available for all users. 

All Policies Requiring Approval

If you are not the final Approver, the policy remains as pending until it completes the Workflow. To view the next Approver in line, click the All Policies Requiring Approval link.

This link can be located in one of two places:

  1. On the Home tab under Policy Management

  2. Click the radio button to select Everyone's (1) from the Policies Requiring Approval page, and flick Filter Policies (2).

The All Policies Requiring Approval page lists all policies currently pending for approval for throughout your facility. 

Contacting the Next Approver

A policy may require quick action through the Workflow, you may need to convey some information regarding the policy to the next approver, or the next approver may need a nudge reminder to approve the policy. 

To contact the next approver directly regarding the specific policy, click the blue envelope next to their name in the Needed Approver column.


A default email is generated from your email account, using your email client (e.g. - Outlook, Mail, Gmail, etc.) with a generic message reminding the Approver of the pending policy. The content can be deleted or modified as needed, but PolicyStat recommends leaving the link as is.

Filtering By the Needed Approver

To identify which pending policies are waiting for a particular user, use the filter tool to narrow by Needed Approver. The results will display only policies where the chosen user is listed as one of the next Needed Approvers on the Workflow.




This article applies to the following user roles:

approver.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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