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Text-based PDF files can be provided to PolicyStat for conversion during implementation, but this typically requires an additional charge, dependent on the terms and conditions of your contract. Some PDF files, especially older files, are actually image-based.

With an image-based PDF, the content text is contained within an image and cannot be converted to work within PolicyStat. This is because our optical character recognition (OCR) software is not able to identify the characters as text, separate from the background.



  1. Open up your Adobe PDF file
  2. Try to highlight the words using your cursor just like you would in a Microsoft Word document
  3. If the words can be highlighted, the file is text-based.
    If the clicking the cursor makes boxes, or tries to grab all of the content, it's image-based.

Example of a text-based PDF (acceptable to send to PolicyStat for import):

Example of an image-based PDF (NOT acceptable to send to PolicyStat for import):




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