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Adding PolicyStat as a Trusted Site


In order for PolicyStat to provide optimal functionality, some settings may require adding PolicyStat to the list of trusted sites for your facility or network.

Please note that we recommend the following: 

  • Adding PolicyStat as a trusted site should be done by your IT Department to ensure global access
  • If adding your live PolicyStat site ( we recommend also adding your training environment to the list as well (

Adding a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer 11

  1. Click the Settings icon (1) in the top right, then Internet Options (2).

  2. Click the Security tab (3), the Trusted icon (4), then, Sites (5). 

  3. From this pop up, enter the name of your PolicyStat site (6) and click Add (7). Your site name may already be pre-populated. Ensure you also add your training site (8) then click Close (9). 


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