How do I View Acknowledgments?


Ensuring users have both read and acknowledged a policy's content can be critical for both legal and procedural reasons.

Users with Area Manager or Site Administrator permissions can assign or unassign policy acknowledgments to individual users or user groups. Area Owners or Site Administrators can then view and track completions by user or by policy.

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A quick disclaimer that some terms may differ for your location, but the concepts are universal. Area may be known as Policy Area, Department, Category, or another term on your PolicyStat site.

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Viewing Existing Acknowledgments

View Incomplete Acknowledgments by Area

  • From the PolicyStat homepage, click  View Acknowledgments under the Acknowledgments header.


  • Policies can be filtered by Area (1), or search all Areas with incomplete acknowledgments can be viewed by leaving the filter blank and simply clicking Show Incomplete Acknowledgments (2).


  • The results will display the policy's name, the Area, status, and the total number of users who have acknowledged an assigned policy.

    To view and make changes to the list of assigned users, click the user total in the final column (3). 



  • All users who have not acknowledged a policy are listed on this page.

    If desired, users can be unassigned the requirement to acknowledge a policy. To unassign, select all displayed users (4) or individual users (5) and click Unassign Checked Acknowledgments (6). Individual users can also be unassigned one by one by clicking the Unassign button (7) at the end of their name.


View Incomplete Acknowledgments by User

  • From the PolicyStat homepage, click  View Acknowledgments under the Acknowledgments header.

  • Click the Search by User link listed in the top right corner of the page.

  • Users can be filtered by User Group (1) or searched for by name (2). When ready to search, click Search Users (3).

  • To view and make changes to the assigned acknowledgments, click the policy total in the final column (4). 


  • The page displayed shows each assigned policy's name (5), the date the acknowledgment was assigned (6), and the date it was acknowledged (if applicable) (7). If a policy has not been acknowledged, it can be unassigned (8).


View Recurring Acknowledgments by Policy 

Users who have ownership permission for a policy (Owner/Area Manager/Site Administrator) can also view incomplete acknowledgments assigned to a policy.

  • Open a policy for which ownership permissions are assigned and scroll to the bottom. 
  • Locate the heading titled Recurring Acknowledgments and click the  symbol to expand.
  • The list of users and/or user groups who are assigned recurring acknowledgments for this policy are displayed. If the acknowledgment is a single, one time acknowledgment, names of users or user groups will not appear.
  • If you are a Site Administrator, users and user groups in this section are also hyperlinks. Clicking on a user will take you to their user details page, and clicking on a user group will take you to the group's edit page. 


This article applies to the following user roles:

owner.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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