A policy may need to be deleted while pending for approval. For example, two duplicate drafts of a policy may have been pended for approval simultaneously, when only one is needed. 

If the Approval Workflow was started on accident, a Site Administrator can delete the pending version of the policy while still maintaining the Active version of the policy. 

Like completing an override, deleting a pending policy is a function available for Site Administrators only. 

A reminder that deleting a policy is not reversible, and the policy is permanently removed from the PolicyStat site.

Deleting a Pending Policy (00:48)


Deleting a Pending Policy

  1. Ensure the version in question is the Pending version. 
    The Pending status can often be identified by markers such as:
    1. Approval Workflow
    2. Approve Policy link
    3. Current Status: Pending


  2. Click the Delete link on the blue toolbar at the top of the policy.

  3. On the subsequent screen, provide an explanation (1) as to why the policy is being deleted, then click the Delete this version button (2). A reminder that this action is permanent and cannot be undone.


This article applies to the following user roles:


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