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Modifying the default expiration period by Area applies the change to any new policies created which use that Area. Applying the modified review period changes to existing policies requires an additional step using the Bulk Administrative Override tool

A quick disclaimer that some terms may differ for your location, but the concepts are universal. Area may be known as Policy Area, Department, Category, etc. on your PolicyStat site.

The following tutorial demonstrates this process.

Modify Expiration Period (01:37)


Modifying Default Expiration Period for Current Policies via Bulk Admin-Override

  • Click the Admin tab to view the Administrator Menu.


  • Locate the Bulk Admin Override link from the Site Data list.
  • Locate the polic(ies) to be modified. Typically this may involve narrowing the displayed policies by Area.

  • With the desired policies open and selected, locate and modify the Default Expiration Period in the second to last column on the Bulk Admin-Override.

  • Next, switch the final column to Expires days from approved date.
    (This requires clicking Switch to set date relative to approved date)
  • Provide a description and rationale for the changes, and click Apply Changes.

Modifying Default Expiration Period for New Policies via Area Properties

  • Click the Admin tab to view the Administrator Menu.
  • Click Areas

  • Click the Edit link next to the respective Area.

  •  Modify the expiration period in the properties area, and save the changes. 


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