Create New Version (and Start a Review)


When a policy comes due for a review as part of the standard review cycle, the Owner of a policy and the Area Manager will be notified. This short tutorial covers how to make a draft of policies that are due for review and start the Workflow when any required changes have been completed.

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Create a New Version (01:35)

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How to Create a New Version

From the PolicyStat Home tab:homeTab_area.png

  • Under the Policies Due for Review heading, click the policy's title.
  • This opens the Edit view of the policy. In the Edit view, changes to the content and/or properties can be made. 


From the My Policies Requiring Approval report:

As shown in the image below, click the policy's title to directly open the policy in the Edit view. 



From an Active View

  • Click the Review/Edit link in the header on the blue bar.


Modify the Content (If Needed)

  • Modify the policy's content and/or properties as needed. If no changes are required, skip to the following step. For more on how to work within the PolicyStat Editor, see this category. For more on working with a policy's properties, see this article.


Start Approval Process

  • If no changes are required, or if changes have been completed, scroll to the bottom and enter a summary of the changes made (1). Please note that these changes become part of the historical record of the policy.

  • When ready, click Start Approval Process (2). A notification will be sent to the first Approver in the Workflow that the policy is ready for their review.


This article applies to the following user roles:

owner.png approver.png aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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