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Unsupported Internet Explorer Versions: 7 and Older


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Internet Explorer (IE) in Compatibility View

Some organizations require use of a setting either at the individual computer or network level within the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser called Compatibility View.

What Does Compatibility View Do?

This setting allows newer versions of IE to run and perform as if they were actually an older version of the web browser. A simple way to identify if the web browser is operating in Compatibility View is this small icon in the top right of the web browser window:

Please note: In the IE 11 or Edge browsers, this icon is no longer present.

Why Would My Organization Use This Setting?

This setting is commonly required when a local system uses an older software application requiring an older version of Internet Explorer.


Why Running PolicyStat in IE 7 a Problem

IE 7 Is Neither Supported By Microsoft Nor PolicyStat

Microsoft discontinued support for IE 7 in April of 2014 and PolicyStat discontinued support in March of 2015. As PolicyStat no longer supports the IE 7 web browser, older, out of date software applications will run, but our product will not function properly for users.


How to Resolve the Problem

Whitelisting PolicyStat

In most instances, both PolicyStat and the older applications can coexist with a small change in the web browser settings. Depending on local settings, the resolution involves adding PolicyStat to a webpage whitelist at either an individual computer level or preferably at a system-wide level. Whitelisting PolicyStat will allow PolicyStat to display and operate using the more modern web browser settings, but still also allow other websites to operate within the Compatibility Mode as required.

Contact Local IT For A Simple Resolution

Please consult your IT department if you believe you may be experiencing this situation, and ask them to review the links at the end of this page to allow PolicyStat to function as intended.

For additional questions or clarification, please contact the PolicyStat Support team at [email protected] or 317-644-1296 Extension 2.

Download/Use an Alternate Web Browser

PolicyStat operates best with modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. If your organization allows use of one of these alternate web browsers, we highly recommend them for the best experience with PolicyStat.

Click any of the browser titles above or the icons below to download.


Google Chrome           Mozilla Firefox         Microsoft Edge


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Support Hours:
M-F 8-8 EST