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Resetting a Password (Non-Active Directory/SSO) for Site Administrators


Forgetting a password is a frequent challenge faced by many users. This short tutorial covers the process of resetting user passwords by a Site Administrator of a site that do not use Active Directory or Single Sign On (SSO).

If you are a general user looking to reset a password, see this article.

Resetting a Password (Site Administrator) (00:56)




Resetting a Password for Site Administrators

  • Click the Admin tab to view the Administrator Menu.


  • Locate Users from the Site Data list.


  • For the selected user, click the Edit link at the end of the table.

  • Click the Password tab.

  • Enter a new password for the user (1) and click Save Changes (2) when done. The password does not need to be complex, as the user will be required to reset it on their next login.

  • Provide the revised password to the user. On their next login, they will be prompted to reset their password.



This article applies to the following user roles:


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