From time to time, Areas may need to be modified or corrected to fit with changing needs. To make modifications to Area properties, follow the simple steps addressed in the tutorial below.

For more on how to assign user permissions based on Area, see this article.

A quick disclaimer that some terms may differ from your location, but the concepts are universal. An Area may be known as Policy Area, Department, Category, etc. on your PolicyStat site. 

Edit Areas (01:24)


Edit Areas

  1. Click the Admin tab

  2. Click Areas

  3. At the end of the table listing all Areas, click the Edit link on the row corresponding to the Area to be edited.

  4. Modify the properties as needed. including
    - The Name of the Area (1) (If permissions allow. For more, see this article.)
    - The Default expiration days (2) (i.e. days following approval before Area policies expire)
    - The Default Approval Workflow (3)


    PLEASE NOTE: Changes to the name of an Area are reflected in the history of policies that are assigned to the Area. Policy History is located at the bottom of any given policy for users with elevated permissions for the given policy (Owner, Approver or above).
  5. When complete, click the Save Changes button.



This article applies to the following user roles:


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