Reference Tags are terms, numbers, phrases or any other representation to categorize and group similar documents for searching and reference through the PolicyStat search tool.

Reference Tags are the default term for what could also be called service lines, regulatory, or any phrases to describe the grouping of documents or policies. Tags are applied inside the Policy Properties menu, which is a part of a draft version of a policy. 

This short tutorial describes how to add, create, and assign Reference Tags at the policy level.

Adding Reference Tags (01:14)


Reference Tags Disclaimers:

Add Reference Tags

  1. With the policy open, click the Edit link from the blue bar. 
    Site Administrators can complete this action via an Override by clicking the Override link on the blue bar. 

  2. With the Editor open, switch to the Properties tab.

  3. Locate the section titled References*. If tags already exist, start typing to apply those that already exist. If not, type the new tags in this box.

  4. Once the tags have been applied, provide a summary of the changes (1) then click Start Approval Process (2). If the tags are applied while the policy is currently pending through an Approval Workflow, the button may say Restart Approval Process.


  5. Once the policy completes the Workflow, the tags will be applied.

*This term may vary based on local site settings and preferences


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  • What does the reference do? Does it link to a particular document or webpage? Seems kind of useless.

  • Hi Threresa -
    The reference tags are essentially a site-defined method for organizing policies that may cross over multiple Areas or authors. For example, a Joint Commission standard may apply to a policy in the Laboratory Area, but the same standard may have applicability to a policy in the Cardiac Area. This is just one example, but the possibilities are pretty wide open for however you would like to organize and utilize references. It may be easier to think of them as keywords. Hopefully this makes sense!