Congratulations on being assigned as a Site Administrator in PolicyStat! This series of articles and tutorials cover the functions available to Site Administrators.

To locate the Administrator Menu, click the Admin tab on the header row anywhere in PolicyStat. 


If your screen does not display an Admin tab, your permissions have not been activated. Please contact another Site Administrator to assign you permissions.

This section covers the Reports list. For the Site Data list or the Configuration list, click the respective titles. 


PolicyStat allows Site Administrators to produce reports to track data about nearly all site activity within PolicyStat. Each link generates a table in a PolicyStat page which lists all applicable data. 

To generate and download a report to print and/or save for offline use, click the icon at the end of each report title or the Export as CSV button (where applicable). This will generate a .CSV file which can be opened and saved within Microsoft Excel or other similar spreadsheet programs. 




 Active  Policies*

This report lists all policies currently active in your PolicyStat site.

Click the header of any column to sort alphabetically. 

 Retired  Policies*

This report lists all policies which have been retired from the PolicyStat site and are no longer able to be viewed. This includes an optional column for the summary of changes or a rationale as to why the policy was retired.

For more on how to "un-retire" a policy, please see this article

 Policies* Due for Review

This report lists all policies which have met or exceed the date by which they are designated to be reviewed through the Approval Workflow process.

Reviewed and Revised Policies*

A comprehensive report of all policies that have completed the approval process, whether or not revisions were made to the content. 

Per-Policy*  Approval
 Turn-around time

This report lists all approved and active policies within your PolicyStat site. The report provides data on how many steps are required for approval in the policy's Approval Workflow and how many days per step (on average) were required to complete the Workflow. 

 Area*  Approval
 Turn-around  time

This report lists all:
  • Areas
  • Approval Steps
  • Days per Approval Workflow
  • Days per Step
The report can also be narrowed in scope by the number of days since the final approval or by specific Areas.

Download  PDF Backup

While PolicyStat provides the convenience of anywhere, anytime access to policies, having a local copy of the policies can be beneficial and provide peace of mind for a power or Internet outage.

PolicyStat makes it easy to convert and download PDF backups of all your policies.

For more on how to generate and download PDF backups, please see the article and tutorial here


 *A quick disclaimer that some terms may differ from your location, but the concepts are universal. An Area may be known as Policy Area, Department, Category, or another term on your PolicyStat site.


This article applies to the following user roles:


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