What is in the Configuration Section of the Admin Tab?


Congratulations on being assigned as a Site Administrator in PolicyStat! This series of articles and tutorials covers the functions available to Site Administrators.

To locate the Administrator Menu, click the Admin tab on the header row anywhere in PolicyStat. 


If your screen does not display an Admin tab, your permissions have not been activated. Please contact another Site Administrator to assign you permissions.

This section covers the Configuration list. For the Site Data list or the Reports list, click the respective titles. 


Please note: Changes to the Configuration list impact the entire PolicyStat site. Ensure you understand the scope of the changes prior to making any adjustments to these categories. 



Global Guest Access Link

The global guest access link allows anyone using it to search and view active policies without the need to log in. 

This link can be placed on a company portal to allow access to PolicyStat for any employees without the need to log-in.

This section also allows the creation of a new Global Guest Access links to replace the existing link.  For security purposes, it is recommended to replace the link at regular intervals to avoid malicious activity by outside parties. Please consult your local IT Security team for advice on how frequently this should be done. 

For more on Read-Only Access Links, see this article.

Policy Layout

The Policy Layout section allows modifications to be made to the:

  • Policy header (including the logo and background color)
  • Header fields (e.g. - date labels and formatting)
  • Policy Properties (e.g. - How the author of a policy is referred to, display preferences, etc.)
  • Styles and header formatting
  • The Site Banner for the whole site 

Policy Templates

During onboarding, a minimum of one template is established for use in creating for all new policy content. This generally entails specific header titles and formatting preferences. 

If edits to the standard template or additional templates (e.g. - separate templates for policies, procedures, contracts, etc.) are required, they can be established or deleted here.

For more on creating new templates, see this article.

Site Configuration

The Site Configuration section allows modification to:

  • Labels (e.g. - Areas, Guests, Documents)
  • Welcome Content (The content users see when they first enter your PolicyStat site)
  • Email response configuration
  • Other site configuration options

Active Directory

Active Directory Integration is a feature PolicyStat offers at an additional charge that connects with your site's local Active Directory network and ensures that all users listed in the Active Directory site receive matching user accounts and logins to PolicyStat. 

For more on this feature, please see this article.

Single Sign-On Configuration

Single Sign-On is a feature PolicyStat offers at an additional charge which allows seamless login for users without the need to enter a username or password. 

For more on this feature, please see this article



This article applies to the following user roles:


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