What is the Site Data Column in the Admin tab?


Congratulations on being assigned as a Site Administrator in PolicyStat! This series of articles and tutorials covers the functions available to Site Administrators.

To locate the Administrator Menu, click the Admin tab on the header row anywhere in PolicyStat. 


If your screen does not display an Admin tab, your permissions have not been activated. Please contact another Site Administrator to assign you permissions.

This section covers the Site Data column. For the Configuration list or the Reports list, click the respective titles. 

Site Data


Users The Users section allows Site Administrators to create and modify users and their permissions.
  • View and manage user permissions including the ability to view restricted policies, create and edit policies, and/or manage the whole site.
  • View and manage Approval Workflows assigned to a user
  • View and manage any policies a user owns.
  • Monitor the last time a user has logged in
  • Reset a user's password
  • Deactivate users

For more on user roles in PolicyStat, see this article.
For more about how to use the User Management tools, see the articles and tutorials here.

User Groups

The User Group section allows Site Administrators to create, edit, and modify User Groups. You can use user groups for acknowledgments, Approval Workflow reviews, and/or for collaboration during a review.

For more on User Groups, see this article.


Areas are categories for grouping similar documents within PolicyStat.

This section allows Site Admins to:

  • Add new Areas
  • Adjust default expiration periods for policies contained within the Area
  • Establish a default Approval Workflow
  • Assign and manage user permissions based on Areas
Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows are the sequence of users who review, edit, and approve a given PolicyStat document as required by the assigned revision period or edits.

For more information on Approval Workflows, see the article and tutorial here.


A Reference (tag) is an optional term, number, phrase or any other representation to categorize and group similar documents for searching and reference through the PolicyStat search tool. Examples are regulation numbers, locations, standards, etc. 

Within this section, Site Administrators have the ability to modify Reference Tags by:

  • Renaming
  • Merging
  • Deleting
Bulk Admin-Override

The Bulk Admin-Override feature allows for bulk changes to be made to multiple policies at the same time including:

  • Area
  • Applicability
  • Owner
  • Approval Workflow
  • Default Expiration Period
  • Next review date

For a comprehensive explanation of this tool, see the article and tutorial here.

Implementation Dashboard The Implementation Dashboard is the tool used during the initial client onboarding to import exisitng policies into PolicyStat. For more information and directions on how to use on this tool, see the article and tutorial here.
*NOTE: Some terminology may vary based on local preferences and settings. Area may be known as Policy Area, Department, Category, or another term. 


This article applies to the following user roles:


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