How do I Acknowledge a Policy?


If a policy requires user acknowledgment, users are notified of the need for action through email or from the marker on the top right of their PolicyStat home page (see below).

Once notified, users are brought through a link to the policy in PolicyStat to read and acknowledge a policy. For a quick review of this process, click to view the tutorial below.


Acknowledgments for Users (01:11)


Acknowledging a Policy

  1. Open the policy using the link from either the email or the home tab.

  2. Review the policy.
  3. Click the button titled I have read and understood this policy at the bottom of the screen.


A quick disclaimer that some terms may differ for your location, but the concepts are universal. Area may be known as Policy Area, Department, Category, or another term on your PolicyStat site.



This article applies to the following user roles:


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