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Policy Properties Menu Overview


An understanding of the Policy Properties is critical to capitalize on the full potential of PolicyStat as a management tool. Please note that some of the terms may vary based on local site preferences. 

Each numbered marker is explained below.  




  1. Owner: The Owner is the PolicyStat user assigned as responsible for the document (policy/procedure/etc.). Assigning an Owner to a document is required to save a draft. For more information about this and other PolicyStat user roles, click here

  2. Area: Areas represent categories of similar documents within PolicyStat. Assigning an Area to a document is required to save a draft. Areas can be labeled locally as Policy Areas, Departments, Categories, or other terms. 

  3. Approval Workflow: Approval Workflows represent the sequence of users who review, edit, and approve a given PolicyStat document as required by the assigned revision period or edits. Assigning an Approval Workflow to a document is required to save a draft. For more information click here

  4. Next Review: The Next Review date represents the date when the existing policy must proceed through an Approval Workflow or it will expire. This can either be represented by either a specific number of days or by setting a specific date.

  5. Reference Tag: Reference Tags are terms, numbers, phrases, or any other representation that can be used to categorize and group similar documents for searching and reference through the PolicyStat search tool. Reference Tags are assigned to a document by entering them here. 

  6. Advanced Properties: These properties (Policy is a Form, are generally not applied to most policies but are available as needed. See below for more information.


Advanced Properties

  • Hide PDF Watermark: The default print option for a policy document includes a "COPY" watermark. If a policy document is to be used as a form (i.e. - printed and read frequently) the Policy is a Form check-box removes this watermark from the printed version. 

  • Visibility Restrictions: Circumstances may require a document to be restricted from being located in a search or otherwise visible by users without View Restricted (or higher) privileges. For more information click here

This article applies to the following user roles:

owner.png approver.png aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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