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Incomplete Acknowledgement Notifications


Email notifications about incomplete acknowledgements are batched together and sent every Monday evening. We batch the emails together in to one weekly email to avoid potentially bombarding inboxes with many messages if a large number of documents are assigned in a short period of time. It also allows time for any mistakenly-assigned acknowledgments to be removed before any email is sent.

These emails are also divided in to two different types of notifications:

User Notifications


When a user is assigned an acknowledgment and hasn't completed it by Monday evening, they receive an email reminding them to log in to PolicyStat and acknowledge the document. All users automatically receive these emails unless they opt-out via their notification settings.

Manager Notifications

owner.png amanager.png

Manager notifications go out to all users who have ownership rights on a particular document. This is useful as a status reminder to let a manager know the progress of acknowledgements on document that they care about. By default, this email notification is turned off, and can be enabled via your notification settings.

For additional information about how to assign acknowledgments, see this article.


This article applies to the following user roles:

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