How Does PolicyStat Alert Users? (Notifications)


When an action is required to be completed regarding a policy, or a policy requires attention, users are notified in one of three ways:

1. Automatic notification emails

  • For examples of notification emails, click here 
  • For more on configuring automated email notifications (including turning off undesired emails), see this article
  • For more on understanding who receives email notifications by user role, see this article.

2. The Home tab 

The Home tab features reports of policies requiring action.

3. The Notifications page

The Notifications page is accessible to any user in one of two ways:

  1. The link in the upper right-hand corner of every PolicyStat page.

  2. From the base PolicyStat local PolicyStat URL (e.g. -, add /notification to the end (e.g. - 

    For more information about configuring email notifications from this page, see the article here.

PolicyStat Newswire

Notifications are available for any signed in users to alert them for required actions. For notifications about product updates, please visit (and follow) the PolicyStat Newswire


This article applies to the following user roles:

user.png owner.png collaborator.png approver.png aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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