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Site Administrator PolicyStat Footer Overview


Footers of a PolicyStat policy document found below the content contain additional information that is to important for users to understand. Site Administrators are provided additional information beyond that of general users, Owners, Approvers, Area Editors, or Area Managers that they can view on any policy at any time (outside of pending status). 

The information contained within this sample footer is explained below. 



  1. Guest access links directly to a policy can be useful to provide to direct users to a particular policy without the need to log in. For further information about guest access links, see this article.

  2. Acknowledgements can be assigned on a user by user basis or by user groups. For more on acknowledgments and to understand recurring acknowledgments, see this article

  3. The policy document history is outlined including all approval steps, edits, administrative overrides, comments, or other adjustments throughout the life cycle this version of the policy document. Reviewing additional transactions for prior versions requires opening and viewing the prior version from the All Versions link in the top right of the policy.

  4. This section is the Collaboration feature, which allows Approvers to add comments and invite other users to collaborate and comment on a policy document prior to providing their approval. For more on Collaboration, see this article




Additional Footer Information for Elevated User Permissions

For more information on the footer view for active (non-pending) policy documents as seen by all other user roles, see this article

Pending policy documents contain additional information is available in the footer as it pends through an Approval Workflow. For more information on footers of pending policy documents, see this article


This article applies to the following user roles:


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