Can a Policy be Viewable Only by Certain Users?


Circumstances may require hiding or restricting a policy from general view by any users. A policy may become outdated or may require large edits prior to making it live. 

This short tutorial demonstrates how to locate and apply this setting from the Policy Properties menu. 

Only Site Administrators can delete a policy. For more on this process, see this article.

Restrict Visibility (00:46)


Restrict a Policy from General View

  • To restrict policy visibility to users with elevated permissions, click the Edit link in the bar on the top right of the policy. 

  • Switch to the Policy Properties tab.

  • Locate and open the Advanced Properties menu (1).
  • Change the Visibility Restrictions property to Only users with permissions (2).

  • Autosave should save the changes, but if necessary, click Save Now.

  • Provide a Summary of the Changes (3), and click Start Approval Process (4).

  • Once the policy completes the Approval Workflow process, it will be restricted from general view.

Restrict Visibility Immediately via Administrative Override

A policy may need to be restricted from general view immediately without passing through the Approval Workflow. Site Administrators can complete an Administrative Override, then follow the steps above. As with all override actions, once the property has been revised, the policy will be restricted immediately.  


This article applies to the following user roles:

owner.png aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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