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Submit Uploads through the Implementation Dashboard


Prior to beginning the upload process, please ensure you have reviewed the information in this article.

Prior to uploading, files to be uploaded should preferably be organized and compressed to a zipped folder. For more on organizing files for the greatest ease of upload, see this article. For more on how to zip a file folder, see this article.  

The zipped folder file is then imported by a user with Site Administrator privileges through the PolicyStat Implementation Dashboard.

As demonstrated in the interactive tutorial below, uploads through the Implementation Dashboard address five steps.

Step 1: Upload Files

Step 2: Assign Attachments

Step 3: Set Properties

Step 4: Submit Uploads

Step 5: Resolve Duplicates

To learn more about the process and begin uploading your files, please click the tutorial button below.

Implementation Dashboard Tutorial (07:13)

NOTE: Viewing the tutorial requires Adobe Flash Player. For assistance, please contact your IT department.




Implementation Dashboard Procedures

Locate the Implementation Dashboard

  1. Click the Admin tab along the top left area of your local PolicyStat site.


     If no Admin tab is present, ensure:


  1. Click Implementation Dashboard (under the Site Data column)


Step 1: Upload Files
View this step in the interactive tutorial

  • Click the Upload Files link in the header.

  • Select the appropriate Area* from the initial drop down (1).
  • If applicable, select the appropriate Applicability Group (2).
  • Click the Browse button to locate the file** for upload (3).
  • Click the Upload Files button (4).



Step 2: Assign Attachments
View this step in the interactive tutorial

  • Ensure the progress bar shows your status as 2. Assign Attachments.

  • Review the uploaded files and identify any items to mark as attachments.
  • Click the Mark as Attachment button next to any files identified as attachments.

  • Locate the parent file (or files) the attachments belong to.
  • Click the Attach Files button next to the parent file.
  • Click the drop-down list (1) to locate the appropriate attachment.
  • Click the Attach button (2).

  • To remove an attachment, click the X next to the title.

  • Ensure the Files to Attach section Is clear of any remaining attachments or stub policies before proceeding.
  • Click 3. Set Properties on the header to proceed.

Stub Policies

Some files are not independent policies, but also are not associated with a parent document. In PolicyStat, these files can become stand-alone attachments called "stub" policies. For example, Excel forms or log sheets, form letters or memos in Word or PDF format, PowerPoint presentations, etc. would be considered stub policies. 

When a user clicks a stub policy, the content of the policy reads simply: “Please see the attached file.”


To designate an attachment as a stub policy, click the Convert to Stub button after the file has been marked as an attachment.


Step 3: Set Properties
View this step in the interactive tutorial

  • Ensure the progress bar shows your status as 3. Set Properties.

  • Click the checkboxes next to the file names to select the files and assign properties.

Files can be selected one at a time, multiple non-sequential files, or all displayed files (click the checkbox at the top left of the table to select all).

  • Use the drop-down lists or text entry boxes to designate the appropriate properties (Area, Approval Workflow, Policy Owner, Review Period)
  • Click Apply Changes to assign the properties.

Changes can be modified prior to submitting if necessary.

  • As needed, delete any file uploads by selecting and clicking Delete Uploads (next to Apply Changes).
  • Click 4. Submit Uploads on the header to proceed.


Step 4: Submit Uploads
View this step in the interactive tutorial

  • Ensure the progress bar shows your status as 4. Submit Uploads.

  • Click the checkbox in the top left of the table to select all uploads.
  • Using Select All selects a maximum of 50 files. If uploading more than 50, click Select All Uploads.
  • Review the uploads and click Submit Checked Uploads (at the bottom of the table).

  • Click 5. Resolve Duplicates on the header (optional).


Step 5: Resolve Duplicates
View this step in the interactive tutorial

  •       Ensure the progress bar shows your status as 5. Resolve Duplicates.

  • If PolicyStat has identified any policies as similar based on similar file names, they will be designated as duplicates.
  • To avoid duplication of final conversion, please review the uploads. Ensure they are either not duplicates or delete duplicates as desired.


*Terminology may vary based on local preferences. Area may be known locally as Policy Area, Department, Category, or another term. 

**The most efficient upload method is a zipped folder containing documents using similar properties (e.g. – Owner, Area, Approval Workflow, etc.).

For a printable PDF version of this information, please click the button below.


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