PolicyStat features a hierarchy of user roles to grant increased permissions to registered users with accounts in PolicyStat. Click each role in the table below to view the level of access available to individuals assigned the role, how the permissions are assigned, all relevant Education webinar sessions, and Knowledge Base articles to assist with actions required by the role.

The topic of User Roles is one of the Three Pillars of PolicyStat. For more on the Three Pillars concept or to view the other two Pillars, see this article.

PolicyStat User Roles

Guest Staff User Owner Collaborator
Approver Area Editor Area Manager Site Administrator



  • Terminology used to define roles in PolicyStat may vary based by site (e.g - policy vs. document; owner vs. responsible party, etc.). This article references the default terms, but the permissions and responsibilities remain the same. 
  • These terms and roles are not mutually exclusive. For example, an Author can also be an Approver, and a Policy Area Owner can be an Author provided the user has been granted permissions for the both roles. The terms are defined by their context within a given situation.

  • Users can serve as a proxy for another user if they are unable to perform their duties within PolicyStat. For more on serving as a proxy, see this article.  

SITE ADMINISTRATORS: For more information on setting user permissions, please see this article. For more on how to assign proxies, please view see this article.

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