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New Feature: Acknowledgments are assigned automatically for new versions

Michael Zoller -

Acknowledgments are a great way to ensure that everyone in your organization is familiar with its documents. Having to re-assign acknowledgments for each new version of the document, however, isn’t so great.

That’s why PolicyStat is pleased to announce the Recurring Acknowledgments feature.

  • Site administrators and area owners can now assign acknowledgments to users or user groups once, and those users will be assigned an acknowledgment automatically when the document changes.
  • Site administrators and area owners won’t lose the ability to do one-off acknowledgments, however.
  • Adding a user to a user group automatically assigns any recurring acknowledgments associated with that group to the user.
  • Site administrators can see which users and user groups have been assigned recurring acknowledgments on the document view page.
  • Users can see all documents that they’ve acknowledged on the All My Acknowledgments page.
  • Reviews that don’t change the document’s content won’t trigger automatic acknowledgments. This ensures that your staff is only alerted when their behavior might need to change.


  • Assigning acknowledgments to users once saves site administrators time
  • New versions of documents automatically assign new acknowledgments, ensuring users have read the most up-to-date versions of your documents
  • Better insight into acknowledgments for users and site administrators

Enabling Recurring Acknowledgments

Recurring acknowledgments has been activated for all customers.

Thanks to all of the users who provided feedback during the early access program!

Send Us Your Feedback!

We want to make managing acknowledgments easier by giving you the ability to automatically assign acknowledgments when new versions of documents are approved.

We’d love feedback on how we could improve. If you have ideas or feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you.

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