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New Feature: Any-Site Login


New Feature: Any-Site Login

For our customers with multiple PolicyStat sites representing different document libraries, directing users to their “home site” to login can sometimes be a challenge. We’ve heard your feedback and I’m happy to announce that we have eliminated that problem. No longer confined to their home site, users can now perform a login from any of their accessible PolicyStat sites.

For customers who already use unique usernames for all of their users, this feature is enabled today. Give it a try! If you’ve re-used some usernames between different sites, no worries, we built a tool to help you make them unique. Site administrators, please refer to the bottom of this document for details on that process.


  • Users who follow links to other PolicyStat sites can now simply hit the login link, type in their username and password and voila. It is no longer necessary to navigate to their home site and then navigate back to the desired site.
  • Site administrators still own user management for their facility, supporting distributed work.

Enabling “Any-Site Login”

If you currently have some duplicated usernames across your collection of PolicyStat sites, one of your organization’s PolicyStat site administrators will need to take action to resolve those duplicated usernames in order to enable “Any-Site Login.” With duplicated usernames, PolicyStat doesn’t know exactly which user is attempting to login, so we built a tool to help you with the username deduplication process.

Complete documentation is available for using this tool here.

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