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Editor Enhancements: Edit With Microsoft Word


Editor Enhancements: Edit With Microsoft Word

Earlier this year, we rolled out the “Seamless” editor interface and made clear our commitment to enhancing the document editing experience within PolicyStat. As a further step in that direction, I am happy to announce the staged roll-out of a new option for editing your PolicyStat documents. In addition to PolicyStat’s current editor interface, and without the need to install any browser plugins, PolicyStat users can now choose to use Microsoft Word to update their documents.

Regardless of the choice between PolicyStat’s editor or MS Word, you will still leverage the power of PolicyStat’s:

  • Consistent readability, portability, style and formatting.
  • Centralized, controlled and archived collaboration and commenting.
  • Version-aware, auditable change-tracking.
  • Automated approval workflow’s and notifications.

Choose Your Own Adventure

We recognize that different people have different preferences with regards to their favorite editor. Especially for the kind of small updates that are most common upon periodic document review, we think that the speed advantage of our existing editor (no need to send large files over the network) is compelling. For our users that already love Microsoft Word, though, and for more complex changes, we want to provide the most comfortable experience possible. Some users will probably always prefer PolicyStat’s in-browser editor, some will prefer to always use MS Word and some will choose a mix of the two based on what kind of changes they’re making. We want to give you the flexibility to do what works best for you and your organization.

Request Access

If you haven’t yet seen this update and you’d like to be included early, please contact PolicyStat client services. We’ll be very happy to provide early access.

Usage Details

To use Microsoft Word for formatting/editing, from the “Edit Document” screen, users first use the “Export To Word” button to download a Word-formatted file containing their document’s content. After making their changes and saving the file, they simply use the “Replace Content From Word Document” dialog to upload the new file. PolicyStat then analyzes the document, converts it to your standard document template and formatting, and gives the author the opportunity to preview their changes.

Through the analysis and conversion process, PolicyStat ensures that all of your document authors produce readable, multi-device compatible, consistently-formatted content that aligns with your organization’s standards.


Because the downloaded Word-formatted file only contains the body (no logo, title, heading or approvals list), there’s no risk of that file being construed as the official policy. We still believe there should only be one version of the truth.


Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solution for creating and editing your important documents. The end result should be documents that are easy to read and comprehend across all of the devices and formats desired by a modern organizations.

Your feedback is very welcome and we would very much like to hear your thoughts.

Thank You

Wes Winham

VP of Product

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