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New Feature: Document owners always asked for approval [updated]

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Note: This article has been superseded by this updated article.

We’ve received feedback from our customers that they would like document owners to be always asked for approval whenever the document is updated. Some customers have been able to achieve this behavior by creating dozens of nearly identical approval workflows, except they each have a different first step. That approval workflow is then used on documents where the first step approver matches the document owner.

Starting today, document owners will always be asked for approval for changes made to the document they own before any other user.


  • Simplifies approval workflow management by reducing the number of in-use approval workflows.
  • Document owners have control over revisions; their approval is required first.
  • No more missed first-step approvals; if you’re the owner and you make a change, your approval is automatic.

One-click approval for document owners

Document owners who create or edit a document are provided with a new button, “Start Approval Process and Mark My Approval” which will simultaneously submit the document and approve it. If the document still requires additional approval, those users are notified.

Faster approval workflow deletion

We anticipated that this new feature would allow our customers to reduce the number of approval workflows they need to manage. Consequently, we’ve also made it significantly easier to delete approval workflows.

The Delete Approval Workflow page interface has been updated to include a form to allow for one-click replacement of the workflow with another workflow in all documents that use that approval workflow. This operation previously required manually overriding each document individually.

How do I enable having document owners always asked for approval?

This feature is being slowly rolled out to customers over the next several weeks. If you want to start using this feature early please email PolicyStat Support and we’ll prioritize your access.

How do I migrate my existing approval workflows?

You will see an in-product notification on the Home page when it has been enabled for your site.

When this occurs, your existing approval workflows may require certain users to mark their approval more than once.

See this guide for details on migrating your existing approval workflows.

Send Us Your Feedback!

We want having approval workflows with document owners as the first step to make your approval workflow management easier, and we’d love feedback on how we could improve. If you have ideas or feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you.

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