New Feature: Smart Groups


New Feature: Smart Groups

For a while now, we’ve gotten feedback from our customers that they’d like more help grouping users for assigning document acknowledgments and for inviting collaborators. We’ve heard you, and we’re happy to announce the introduction of Smart Groups. Starting today, customers who enable Smart Groups will see a new user group containing all of their active users. For customers with multiple PolicyStat sites, you’ll also see users groups for each of your other sites.

These new user groups will be available for use in all of the places normal user groups are available. For example, you can use these user groups when assigning document acknowledgments or when inviting document collaborators.

More Smart Groups On The Way

In the future, we’ll automatically provide some additional Smart Groups based on other criteria like their Department. We’ll also be giving you the ability to define your own rules to customize your Smart Groups.

How Do I Enable Smart Groups?

To enable these Smart Groups, site administrators should visit the Site Configuration page available from the Admin tab and then navigate to the Other tab. Check the Enable Creating and Editing Smart Groups checkbox, and Save changes.

We rolling this feature out to selected customers first, so if you don’t see this option available, we haven’t gotten to you yet. If you’d like early access to Smart Groups, please Email PolicyStat Support and we’ll prioritize your access.

Send Us Your Feedback!

We want Smart Groups to make your user management easier and we’d love feedback on how we could improve. If you have ideas or feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you.

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