Document Typography Improvements


Changes to font sizes and margins for policies

We recently made some improvements to the default font sizes and margins for policies within PolicyStat. These changes bring modern advances in readable typography to your staff, optimizing their experience across desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and printed paper.

The enhancements include:

  • An emphasized heading hierarchy to guide the readers eye and highlight document structure.
  • A slight color change to reduce eye strain.
  • Left margin reduction to ease visual scanning while the larger heading contrast maintains the impression of structure.


Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solution for managing your policies and procedures. As always, your feedback is very welcome.

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  • We (DBHDD) don't like the new fonts.  We already informed Policystat last time when you made this change and you have adjusted our font back to the regular size.  Please do the same again asap as we have a big presentation tomorrow.




  • The font size in the ordered list, unordered list, and paragraph format is too small. 

  • Many of our employees are finding that the font size is too small. Policies that are printed out are too small to read and cause more strain on the eyes to try and read. Feedback received from users within our organization is to return back to the original font size that was previously used. Many of our procedure policies include formulas that don't print as clearly or nearly as big as needed to see the formulas. Your consideration to reverse the changes are greatly appreciated.  

  • Font size is too small!

  • If you are a PolicyStat site administrator and wish to have your site's default font size adjusted please contact us at with your request, and we'll be happy make those adjustments for you.

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