Ensuring Email Deliverability


Ensuring Email Deliverability

In addition to firewall configuration, it is sometimes necessary for your organization’s IT professionals to make email server configuration changes to ensure the consistent receipt of PolicyStat emails.

PolicyStat sends out a wide variety of important email notifications to your team members. These range from weekly/bi-weekly/monthly bulk reports on the state of your policies to an individual’s PolicyStat TODO list to a time-sensitive notification about a collaborative comment someone else made on their document. For larger clients, this can mean the delivery of thousands of emails per day across your user base. With some default configurations this volume of email can trigger filters that temporarily or permanently block all PolicyStat email.

If your organization is taking advantage of PolicyStat’s document acknowledgments feature (whereby most of your staff is assigned to attest that they’ve read and that they understand a list of important documents), email deliverability is even more important. Because one large acknowledgment assignment might go out to every single staff member, it’s not uncommon for mail volume to increase dramatically on a single day. Since many SPAM-detection services use statistical analysis to detect mail patterns that differ from the normal, this dramatic spike in email can cause false positives and impact deliverability.

Whitelist PolicyStat’s Mail Domain

To ensure that your users always receive their PolicyStat notifications, it’s important to whitelist PolicyStat’s mail-sending domains. We can send mail from the following domains:

  • mail1.policystat.com
  • mail2.policystat.com
  • mail3.policystat.com
  • mail4.policystat.com

Whitelisting In Microsoft Exchange Server

In Microsoft Exchange, whitelisting is done via the Content Filtering configuration. Specifically, you perform the whitelisting by adding PolicyStat’s domains to the BypassedSenderDomains via the Exchange Powershell.

An example session might look like:

$list = (Get-ContentFilterConfig).BypassedSenderDomains
Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedSenderDomains $list

Whitelisting For Other Systems

Almost all common mail server options support some method of domain whitelisting. If you’re unable to locate the proper configuration, please contact PolicyStat customer support for assistance.

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