How do I Accept (or Reject) a Converted Document?


After the existing policy documents have been imported and cleaned by PolicyStat's implementation team, they will need to be "accepted" as accurate.

Acceptance should be based on accuracy as compared to the original and should mirror the original content and dates.

For guidance on the decision to accept or reject a policy, see this article or this PDF.

For details on how to accept (or reject), view the tutorial below.  

Accept (or Reject) a Converted Document (01:07)


Locating the Acceptance Page:

  • From the Home tab, click Documents Requiring Acceptance.



  1. Visit the Admin tab in PolicyStat

  2. Under Site Data, click Implementation Dashboard.

  3. Click Policies Requiring Acceptance in the blue task bar.


Accept All Imports

  1. Check the box on the top left of the imports table.

  2. Click the Accept All Results button.

Review Individual Imports

  1. Click the name to open and review the policy.

  2. If the file is acceptable, click the Accept Policies button.


    Reject the import by clicking the Reject tab.

    A comment as to why the converted file is being rejected is required prior clicking the Reject Import button. Rejecting the import sends it back to PolicyStat to revise and correct any errors that occurred during conversion. 


This article applies to the following user roles:

owner.png aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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