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Enabling “Any-Site Login”

For our customers with multiple PolicyStat sites representing different document libraries, PolicyStat’s new “Any-Site Login” capability makes logging in easier for your users. Instead of being required to first navigate to their home site, users can login directly from any of your PolicyStat sites. Before this feature can be enabled, you must first verify that all usernames are unique across your sites. To help you do this, we’ve created a page for this specific purpose.

Making Usernames Unique

To access the tool for resolving duplicates usernames, from the Admin page, navigate to the User Management page. In the upper right navigation menu, click the Enable Any-Site Login link.

Using this page, you will be able to work through all of your reused usernames. Some might be users who had accounts created for them at two different sites. Others might be two different users at different sites who were given the same username. Once you’ve fixed all of these, you’ll be able to push a button to enable “Any-Site Login”.

1. Automatic Username Deduplication

For some reused usernames, we can automatically use clues to reliably determine which is the real user. If two accounts share the same username and email address, but one account has never been used, we automatically merge in the unused account. We’ve found that this fixes more than half of the duplication for most customers.

Once you click the Start Automatic Username Deduplication button, background jobs will be initiated to work through all of your duplicated users. You’ll also be given a link to an Excel spreadsheet containing the account information for automatically merged accounts. We recommend that you download and retain this spreadsheet for your records.

2. Manually Resolve Remaining Duplicates

Now that all of the obvious cases were automatically handled, your site administrators can work through the remaining duplicates pair by pair. For each Username column on the left side, there will be rows representing user accounts that have reused that username. You will work through this list and:

  1. Determine which account should not exist.
  2. For that account, use either the Change Username or the Merge User field to resolve the duplicate.

Once you’ve filled in the appropriate inputs for each reused username on the page, click the Update Usernames button to save your changes.

Some example scenarios follow.

2.a One User Given Multiple Accounts

If a single user was given multiple accounts across different sites, use the Merge User field next to the account that shouldn’t exist and type the user’s first and last name to select the correct account.

Note: If both accounts have been deactivated, you won’t be able to use Merge User. Instead, use Change Username on the account that shouldn’t exist. We recommend adding duplicate to their username. For the username jsmith, you would enter jsmithduplicate in the Change Username field.

2.b Two Users Given Identical Usernames

Alternatively, two individuals might have been given identical usernames. In this case, you will use the Change Username input to modify the username for one account. You will likely want to notify the individual that their account username has changed, otherwise they will not be able to log in.

3. Enable “Any-Site Login”

Once all of your reused usernames have been resolved, an Enable Any-Site Login button will appear. Simply click this button to enable this feature and enjoy the ability to login from any site.



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